Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A big 'hello' to 2013!

Well here we are: 2013! The new year has come around quicker than I expected this year. Last year was a busy but excellent one for me. At times it felt like my feet hadn't touched the ground for a while and there were months at a time when I hardly had time to stop and just be. I was bridesmaid twice (magic!), got a new job, watched another friend get married, made a start on getting our scruffy little house into some semblance of a home, as well as trying to fit in bike riding, sewing and baking. Like I said, a busy but most excellent year!

And now we've reached the next one. I have high hopes for 2013. It started brilliantly, with an amazing mountain bike ride on new year's day, followed by a bit of hexie sewing. I hope that's a good indicator of the year ahead.

Like many other bloggers out there, I've decided not to make new year's resolutions. I usually find that I can't stick to them, and end up feeling like I've let myself down. So this year, I've decided to try something new. I'm taking a leaf out of Ali Edwards' book and have decided to pick a word to try to live by in the coming year. I'm not taking part in Ali's workshop, but I really love the idea of keeping a word prominent in my mind for a year, to try to help me achieve and live happily throughout the year. The word I've chosen is: 'now'. I hope that by remembering this word, I'll remember not to dwell on times past and not to worry about the future as much as I tend to. I need to learn to live in the moment and I hope that this little reminder will help me do that. I'll let you know.....

In other news, I'm considering a slightly new direction for my blog. I'm thinking about moving away from the goal of becoming a domestic goddess and moving more into the all encompassing realm of Goddess!! That sounds ridiculously grand, but what I mean is that I'd like to blog about a wider range of things that I get up to, not just focussing on the cake and cushions! I'm thinking about writing about self-improvement more generally, so that I tell you about my adventures on my bike(s) and the new skills I learn there, as well as continuing to write about my making and baking exploits.

What do you think? I hope that you'll be interested in the stories I have to tell.

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