Monday, 15 October 2012

Souping it up!

Well autumn is now well and truly upon us. It's my favourite autumn, for more reason than one. Firstly it gives us days like this:

That was in the lovely Wells on Saturday. It was one of those beautiful, crisp autumnal days that make you feel happy just to be alive.

But the weather is not the only reason to love autumn. It's the time of year when I start getting interested in cooking again. Through the summer it's all about salads and cold foods, but in the autumn I crave good, hearty food and so my cookery books come out and I try new things.

In the last couple of weeks, I've tried out two soup recipes. The first was from The Little Paris Kitchen recipe book (which seems to be on offer on Amazon!). I tried the chicken dumpling soup recipe in an evening after work. It was pretty easy to make, but I'm not sure I did it quite right! That is, I didn't like it!

I'd never tried dumplings before and I really didn't enjoy them. Whilst the flavours in the soup were scrummy, I found the texture of the dumplings a bit odd. But, according to the Mr, the texture was just right and the soup was delicious! So I think it might just be that I don't like dumplings...!

Has anyone else tried this recipe? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts...

The second soup I tried was a delicious concoction from Rachel's Food for Living, by Rachel Allen. This is a book I really like, as it includes recipes for things that I think everyone but me knows how to make. I recommend the lasagne recipe in it, that's for sure. On this occasion I tried the Spanish Chorizo and Chickpea Soup. I made it this evening and it was truly yummy. It's a very simple recipe and only took about 40 minutes to cook, but it's so full of flavour and surprisingly filling. I can't wait to eat the rest for lunch tomorrow!

 Here's a quick piccie:

Mmmmm! I do love autumn!

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