Sunday, 1 April 2012

A little taste of Paris

I am sure I am not alone in stating my love for the lovely new cookery show The Little Paris Kitchen. I love it in equal parts for Rachel Khoo's dresses, her lifestyle and her lovely, simple-seeming French cooking, with her own little twist. It's a programme that is making me smile and one that I hope will continue for long while to come.

I have to admit, I have always dreamed of a life in Paris. I would love to wake up to croissants, go for a stroll down the Seine and eat dinner in a little bistro with a view of the Eiffel Tower. But that is a dream and, for now, being inspired by Rachel Khoo and her Little Paris Kitchen will just have to do. And inspired is exactly how I felt when I saw Rachel baking some beautiful little French choux pastry snacks in her tiny little apartment. As a wannabe domestic goddess, I felt certain that choux pastry was something that I needed to master. I mean, if I can't cook profiteroles there's no way I will ever be able to claim that domestic goddess title is there?!

So, I set about seeking out a recipe for these beautiful little snacks, known by the French as Chouquettes. Unfortunately, the recipe isn't included on the BBC website for the show (presumably because Rachel has a book to sell!), but I did find a simple looking recipe on this site. I was very nervous before setting out on my choux pasty mission, especially after the epic failure that was my attempt at Michel Roux Jnr's Parisian gnocchi. But, I bit the bullet and went for it, and boy am I pleased I did!

There was an awful lot of arm work involved in making the pastry. It's imperative to keep the doughy mixture moving to prevent the eggs from cooking as you mix them in, and this means a good ol' workout for the arms. I also struggled a little with the piping bag, but my little blobs of dough got neater and neater as I went on, so next time, they'll be perfect. And I will certainly be making these little bites of magic again, for they were truly delicious, especially when dipped in melted chocolate! Here are some piccies of these delightful treats:

I strongly recommend you try this recipe. It's far simpler than you might think and the pleasure in every little bite is well worth the arm ache! Good luck x

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  1. I can confirm these taste as delicious as they look!! A little girl I know certainly had her fair share. Scrummy yummy!! :)