Thursday, 22 September 2011

A little stitching update

It's been a while since this little goddess-in-training has posted about any sewing exploits. This is because I have been pretty busy in other aspects of life and have, unfortunately, not taken enough time to keep up with the stitching. That said, my fingers have not been totally restless, as I do have a few little snippets to share with you.

My hexie cushion (which I am making using one of Kandi Pandi's kits) is progressing...slowly. I have completed the sewing-the-hexies-together stage, but have not quite made it to the turning-it-into-a-cushion-cover stage just yet. This is a project that I have really enjoyed working on, as it has forced me to practice doing neat little stitches by hand. It was very satisfying seeing those stitches getting neater and neater as the rows built up.

And it's a good job I've been practicing those neat little stitches - they came in handy when I spotted a dress in Dorothy Perkins recently, which would have been just lovely, if only the manufacturer hadn't left a hole in one side! The bias binding and the fabric didn't quite meet on one arm hole, and it seems that this is an excellent bargaining chip for getting a pretty dress at a reduced price! My new sewing skills came in very handy stitching this one up:

I have also discovered a new love in recent times. This is a love that some of my non-goddess friends have smirked at, but is one that I will hold my head up high and admit to: I have fallen in love with cross stitch. I have to hold CrossStitcher magazine responsible for this one, tempting me in with a super cute cover gift a couple of months back and then holding my attention through page-after-page of inspiring, modern projects. And this is where it's got me:

And finally...remember that patchwork baby quilt I was commissioned to make a little while back? Well, the customer requested that I make a little label pointing out that this was indeed a special, handmade gift, so I used an alphabet page in the back of CrossStitcher and put this little one together. Cute, me thinks!

 What stitching have you been doing lately?


  1. Your hexies are looking fabulous ( thanks for the mention too) x
    Don't be ashamed if cross stitch, I've been drawn in too, I subscribed recently and can't wait to get my hands on my free gift
    Kandi x

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the end result with your cushion - it's looking so gorgeous already.
    As for Cross Stitcher mag - well I'm hooked too - I'm now subscribing cos I cant even comtemplate missing as issue. Lush modern & quirky projects - if only I had more time to X-stitch.....
    Jo. x

  3. Thanks for the comments lovelies. Hoorah for cross stitch!!