Saturday, 13 August 2011

Challenge: Cooking!

Last weekend I watched the film Julie and Julia and I loved it. It is based on a true story about a woman who feels lost in her own life finding a way to make herself feel alive again. And the way she did it? By cooking her way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking, by Julia Child, and blogging about it as she went. The film cuts between the life of Julie - the blogger - and Julia - the cook. The Julia bits are set in Paris, and there is nowhere on earth that I am more obsessed with than Paris!

I'm telling you about this film because it really inspired me. I already feel that blogging has lifted me, and the days I sew and blog are the ones when I am happiest. I am really surprised by how much I get out of writing a post and knowing that somewhere out there someone might be enjoying reading it. And I am definitely loving learning new skills and 'meeting' people out there in cyberland who share the same passions I have.

But I feel I have wavered a touch from the original aim of this blog: to chronicle my journey to becoming a domestic goddess. I have focused a lot on sewing and less on the cooking side of things. Unless I better my cooking skills, there is no way I will ever be able to wear the label 'Domestic Goddess' and truly believe it belongs to me. So, armed with the inspiration I took from Julie and Julia, I am going to set myself a challenge. My challenge will be on a smaller scale than the one Julie set herself, but it will be a challenge nonetheless.

And what is that challenege?

For the next 6 months I will cook one recipe a week that I have never cooked before. 

For some, this may not seem like much of a challenge, but for someone like me, who tends to fall into a rut and cook the same things over and over, it really is. To make sure I follow through on this challenge and don't give up, I am going to blog about each and every recipe I try.  So, you'll be able to cheer me on from the sidelines...and perhaps some of you might join in too?

Don't worry - I'm still going to blog about my sewing adventures as well. I just felt I needed a little kick up the bum to improve my cooking skills and I think this might just do it.

My challenge will run from today, Saturday 13th August 2011, to Saturday 11th February 2012 and the weeks will run from Saturday to Friday. The recipes don't have to be main courses, but could be starters, desserts, cakes or any other culinary delight that tickles my fancy.

So, wish me luck! And perhaps, if I need your help, you might be able to suggest some recipes along the way...

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