Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cooking Challenge: Week Three - Pappardelle wtih ragu of tiny meatballs

Week three of my cooking challenge saw a return to savoury, as I wanted to shake things up a bit with our evening meals, rather than always plumping for the tried and tested. I am a big fan of Jamie Oliver's cook books for simple, effective meals that I actually would make at home. So when looking for a tasty new evening meal, one of his books was my first stop.

I went for the Papardelle with ragu of tiny meatballs recipe in his book Cook with Jamie (which happens to be on special offer for a tenner on Amazon at the mo). It looked fairly simple, especially as he makes clear that you don't have to make the pasta from scratch (a lesson for another time..!), and the ingredients were all easy to get hold of. The meatballs are made from beef mince, combined with some chilli, cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic, egg, parmesan cheese and lemon zest. I wasn't too keen on the part that involved scrunching and mushing all the ingredients together with my hands, as it felt a touch icky, but the delicious aromas coming from the ingredients spurred me on.

The meatballs are shallow fried and served with a fairly simple tomato sauce with pasta and a sprinkling of basil leaves and mine looked like this:

And the verdict? Tasty, but I overdid the meatballs slightly, by putting them on a higher heat than I should have done to start with. This meant that the outsides cooked too quickly and I had to leave them on the heat to get the middles to cook live and learn (which is what this challenge is all about, afterall). Also, I was not too sure about the inclusion of lemon zest in the meatballs. I think this was everso slightly overpowering and when I make them again I may well leave this out.

The Scores:

9/10 from hubby, who loved them but would have been happier had I not overcooked them.
8/10 from me, but to be tried again without lemon zest in an attempt to raise the score!

I am now taking a short interlude from my cooking challenge, as I will be going on holiday shortly. But, rest assured, when I am back I will be cooking away like a good little Goddess-in-Training! xx

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  1. I am well impressed - this looks delish..!!
    I quite like lemon zest in things - it's all down to personal taste really... as you say - live & learn!!
    Enjoy your holiday. I'm returning to work on Monday, 5th. (teaching assistant) so trying to make the most of my last few days.....
    Jo. xx