Thursday, 11 August 2011

Baby quilt commission

When I started out on my journey to become a domestic goddess, I was not expecting that just seven months into my project I would be commissioned to make a baby quilt. But that is exactly what has happened! Who would have thought it?!

I am still a long, long way from domestic goddess status (have you noticed the lack of cooking-related posts recently?!), but it seems my sewing skills are now good enough to enable me to sell something that I have made.

I won't go into detail about how I made the quilt, as I used the same techniques I used and blogged about previously, but I will share with you some pictures of the finished item. All the fabrics (except for the backing) are Cath Kidston designs, and I think they work beautifully together. Aren't the little aeroplanes just adorable?!

 I really hope you like it!


  1. Oh my! I LOVE it!
    I would be so pleased if I was the owner, absolutely beautiful :) Well done you! Xx

  2. This is just gorgeous.... LOVE IT..!! xx

  3. Thank you both very much! I struggled to hand this one over, I have to admit. I really must make myself a quilt to keep soon! xx