Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pretty little pincushion

At the weekend I was working on my baby quilt (blog will follow, but not yet!) and was getting so frustrated with pins being scattered across the table that I decided it was high time I had a pincushion. But...where do you get a pin cushion in a Somerset town on a bank holiday Monday? Well, if you are a goddess-in-training you make one of course!

I had some fat quarters of fabric that I had bought for another project, so I picked one and cut out two hearts, which I then proceeded to hand stitch together. Here's what I did:


1. Cut out two hearts from some pretty fabric.
2. Pin together, right side to right side.
3. Stitch the two hearts together, either by hand or on the machine (I hand stitched for practice), leaving a gap for turning the right way out and stuffing. You should leave this gap on a straight side, rather than in the curve at the top (a mistake I made), so as to avoid tricky stitching later.
4. Stuff your heart with some quilt filling.
5. Hand stitch to close the gap.

I then cut out a thin outline of a heart from a contrasting piece of fabric and stitched that onto the front before finishing the whole thing off with a button.

My hand sewing does still need work, and I should have left the gap on a straight section, but you live and learn. I actually quite like my slightly wonky little pincushion. What do you think?


  1. It's fab! I made myself a pin cushion in the shape of a frog as I hate them and take great pleasure sticking pins in it
    Kandi x

  2. Fab little pin cushion... love the fabric..!!
    I made mine but stuck to a simple square shape, embroidered a heart on the top & then filled the heart by stiching on some small buttons.
    It works well cos the pins fit into the holes in the buttons. I used a fleece fabric offcut in red & used white stitching & buttons.
    Jo. x