Saturday, 21 May 2011

Taking up trousers

Whilst some of you may think that a post about taking up trousers is a touch boring, I am very excited about being able to post this! Until yesterday, I had always given my trousers to my mum to take up. There have been a few pairs, because I only have little legs, and my mum is probably a touch tired of my inability to do them myself. As I am in training to become a domestic goddess, I thought it was high time that I learnt to do this handy bit of sewing by myself.

So, after a chat with my fabulous mum, last night I armed myself with a long pair of trousers, a needle and thread, and set about sewing. This pair was pretty easy as a starting point, as they only needed to be taken up as much as the existing hem. So, I folded them over, ironed the crease, measured them to be sure the new hem would be straight, and pinned them the whole way around, before putting needle to fabric and getting started.

The top tip my mum gave me to ensure that the stitching can't be seen once finished is that you should take as few threads as possible for each stitch from the side that will be seen. This may seem obvious to the more advanced sewer, but for a newbie like me this was a revelation. You can sew by only taking one or two threads at a time and it will hold.

It took me three whole hours to do both legs, but now that I have done it I will be much quicker on the next pair. Besides, the sense of achievement I felt from doing this seemingly simple task made the three hours totally worth it! Daft, I know...

I guess the proof will be in the pudding - will my stitching hold when I wear and wash the trousers?! Fingers crossed!

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  1. Well done you......
    I love your phrase "training to be a domestic goddess", it sounds lovely & homely & it makes me smile.
    Jo. x