Thursday, 5 May 2011

Gypsy Caravan in West Wales

Well, a bit of a departure from the normal 'making and baking' theme of this blog: here we have a post about a holiday! But not just any holiday - the most magical holiday I have ever been on...and it was right here in the UK.

My husband and I went to stay in a beautiful Romany Gypsy Caravan in West Wales over the April break, courtesy of Under the Thatch, a fabulous company whose ethos centres on keeping rural economies running by encouraging sustainable tourism. I genuinely have never enjoyed a holiday more. There was plenty of sunshine, frisbee, fish and chips, people-watching, seal spotting, pub food, ice cream, paddling, stone skimming and, above all, relaxing!

As you can see in the pictures, the caravan was magical and I feel so lucky to have been to stay there.

If you are ever stuck for holiday ideas, I would thoroughly recommend you give something like this a try. It is soooo romantic and definitely inspiring for any creative types out there.

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