Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A trip to Millie Moon

A very special friend of mine will be having her first baby this summer, which is a cause for much celebration. On top of this, it is a really good reason to pull out the sewing machine and get making! As I progress through my project to become better at making and mending, I am learning that there is no better feeling in the world than putting in time, love and care to make something special for a friend.

So, what is is that I am making for this little baby? A patchwork quilt, no less! This may sound rather ambitious, but I am starting small and making one that will fit a cot, rather than a king-size bed. It will be a basic pattern of alternating squares, with a simple border. And I will blog about it once it is done.

This post is not about the quilt, but about the fabulous little shop I visited on Saturday, where I spent a wonderfully long time choosing the perfect fabric for this quilt. The shop is Millie Moon, and it is a little piece of crafty heaven, tucked away in the Somerset town of Frome. On the day I went, the sisters who run the shop were exhibiting at the Stitch and Craft Show at the Bath and West Showground, so were not in. But I was greeted by a lovely smile from Angela, who was holding the fort.

I have always been a big fan of independent shops, and Millie Moon didn't let me down. It is a little treasure-trove, full of beautiful, quirky fabrics, ribbons, buttons and other sewing-related goodies. I loved the bright colours, the little kits for making felt tea cosies, and the happy, helpful customer service. If you are ever in Frome, make sure you pop in and pick up a little treat.  I certainly will be making a return visit!

I'm not going to put a photo up of the fabrics I chose for my quilt (in case my friend is reading), but here are a few piccies to whet your appetite:

 Look at all those ribbons!

 And Buttons!


  1. Oooh, thought I might find a little spoiler there, but you're very good! Can't *wait* to see the result! xxx

  2. Hehe! No cheating young lady! :)

  3. Looks like heaven....!!
    Jo. x