Sunday, 20 March 2011

Easy-peasy homemade bunting

My older sister will soon be having her first baby - my first nephew. As you can probably imagine, I am very excited about this! I have never really been a 'baby person', but as soon as my sister told me she was pregnant, I was bouncing around the room, planning fabulous gifts and wonderful day trips for this yet-to-be-born bundle of magic.

As a goddess-in-training, I decided to take advantage of this exciting event to practice something I didn't even know I had: my sewing skills. My sister has decided to decorate the baby's bedroom in a nautical theme and what would go better with that than a string of little flags to hang above the cot?

I had been given a basic sewing machine from John Lewis as a Christmas present from my grandmother and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out. I made my bunting in a day and, even with my limited sewing-skills, it came out well first time. So, go on, give it a go!


1. Cardboard or paper template (I used the large template from here, but added an extra centimetre all the way round as I would be sewing two together and turning them inside out. This means that the final bunting was the same size as the original template).
2. As much fabric as you need for the number of flags you want to make x2.
3. Bias binding (to use as the ribbon - make sure you get a long enough piece to leave some extra at the ends).
4. Sewing machine (or needle and thread if you prefer).


1. Draw around the template onto the back of your fabric using tailors chalk or a normal pencil. If the fabric has a print on it, make sure you position the template so that the print will be the correct way up on the final flags). You will need to draw twice as many flags as you eventually want to make.
2. Cut out the flags.
3. Pin two triangles together, with the back of the fabric facing outwards on each side like this:

4. If you like to do things properly, you should then 'tack' the flags together to hold them in place before you sew them for real. I didn't do this; pinning them was enough for me.
5. Sew the triangles together down the two long sides, about a cm from the edge.
6. Trim the excess fabric, using pinking sheers if you have them. Pay particular attention to trimming the point at the bottom of the flag, as you will want as little fabric there as possible when you turn the flag the right way out.
7. Turn the flag the right way out!
8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 until all of your flags are sewn together and are the right way out.
9. Iron all your flags so that the edges are crisp.
9. Take your bias binding and 'slot' the first flag into the fold in the binding, leaving a tail at the end to enable you to tie the bunting up - I left 25cm before the first flag. Pin the flag in place.
10. Leave a gap of 2-5 cm before doing the same with the next flag and repeat until all of the flags are pinned into the bias binding, leaving another tail at the other end of the string.
11. Sew a line of stiches along the bias binding until all the flags are sewn into place.
12. Ta-dahhhh!!

My bunting made a very happy sister, and I hope my little nephew will enjoy it too!

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  1. I love bunting....
    I've made some personalised ones for customers... usually for babies & young children. Take a look on & checkout Picture Gallery 2010. Please feel free to take any ideas......
    Thanks for sharing the link to Activity Village - it's a great site for templates.
    Jo. x